PNORS working on the introduction of eCommerce to the Indonesian healthcare sector

30 January 2017 by
Paul Gallo

As part of plans to expand our product and services, the PNORS Technology Group have signed a historical Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Indonesia’s Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT).

As part of the Government’s overall initiative to introduce eCommerce into the Health Sector, the agency is mandated to examine best practices around e-procurement and views the application of information and communication technology (ICT).

As an integral part of achieving better health services for Indonesian citizens, one area that is of particular urgency is introducing technology to curtail the circulation of expired and/or counterfeit drugs in the supply chain.

Head of BPPT, Chairman Pak Unggul Priyanto, stated that his party is keen to establish a strategic partnership with the PNORS Technology Group installing an intricate system to be applied within the Indonesia healthcare. “The system of ICT health exploited at the hospital level to the health centre did have its challenges, ranging from the readiness of infrastructure, human resources, and facilities,” said the Chairman when opening the International Workshop on Information and Communication Technology for the Health Sector in Building II BPPT, Jakarta, (22/9).

Speaking at the media announcement, this statement was supported by the Head of BPPT, Deputy Head of Information Technology, Energy, and Materials (Tiem-BPPT), Hammam Riza, who explained that the PNORS Group already provides an optimal model. “BPPT, in this case, seeks to assess technologies that can be used by healthcare facilities to meet the needs of the drugs through the portal business to business exchange. Later, this technology can be used by the healthcare industry, such as hospitals, health centres, local government, and the pharmaceutical industry that will go into the cloud system,” said Hammam. 

CEO of the PNORS Technology Group, Paul Gallo added that the use of ICT systems for medical needs creates transparency. “The cooperation with BPPT is an exchange of information coupled with introducing international standards in e-procurement, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), between businesses within the Health sector and other industries.”

Top Engineer Honour BPPT 2016, and former senior cabinet minister, Indroyono Susilo explained that President Joko Widodo has also submitted the use of ICT for innovation in the implementation of government services.

“With the ICT system owned by PNORS, this can hopefully regulate and optimise the best solution around supply and distribution of drugs and medical devices in Indonesia across all health care institutions, to eliminate expired and counterfeit drugs which are currently circulated and consumed by the public,” concluded Indroyono.