"Australian Healthcare Business Program" – Philippines

3 December 2018 by
Carol Wilson

Paul Gallo, CEO and Founder of the PNORS Technology Group was invited to participate in the Australian Healthcare Business Program in the Philippines from the 19-20 Nov 2018 in the Philippines capital city of Manila.

In February 2018, PNORS Technology Group CEO Paul Gallo was invited by Austrade to participate in the 'Indonesia – Australia Digital Forum 2018', in Jakarta Indonesia. After a successful event and a fantastic presentation by Paul, he was invited to participate in the ‘Australian Healthcare Business Program’ as a panel member due to his extensive knowledge of healthcare technology and his work over the past twenty years as a subject matter expert in eProcurement and Digitalisation space.

According to Austrade, “Healthcare in the Philippines is experiencing a time of growth, largely driven by the private sector which accounts for 63.9 per cent of the total healthcare expenditure (A$11.8 billion). Over the next five years, health expenditure is expected to rise by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4 per cent in local currency terms (12 per cent in Australian dollar terms), reaching PHP1,245.2 billion (A$34.34 billion) by 2022”.

As the Philippines has a rapidly developing economy with a fast-growing population, the key to this event was for Australian companies to obtain the latest information about the Philippines health industry in a bid to assist the growth with Australian and international standards of healthcare through technology advancements.

Paul’s contribution to the event was highlighted by his participation as a member on an interactive discussion board discussing “Digital health in the Philippines - trends, challenges and opportunities”.

Paul was joined by:

  • Mr Christian Besler, Chief Digital Officer, AC Health 
  • Dr Raymond Sarmiento, Director, National Telehealth Centre 
  • Dr Eduardo Banzon, Principal Health Specialist, Asian Development Bank 
  • Mr Brett Medel, Group Chief Information Officer, The Medical City 
  • Dr Ramana Panda, CEO, Telehealth Networks Pty Ltd
  • Mr Mathew Cherian, CEO of Global Health
Why PNORS Technology Group?

Paul Gallo was invited on behalf of the PNORS Technology Group due to the success of the Pacific Health Exchange (PHE) in the Australian Healthcare industry. Furthermore, PNORS was invited due to the recent creation of the Indonesian Health Exchange (IHE), an Indonesian EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) exchange which has been connecting private and public hospitals with suppliers creating a transparent procurement process.

During his time in the Philippines, Paul met with a number of Private Hospitals interested in Digitisation.

The PNORS Technology Group would like to thank Austrade for inviting Paul to speak and would like to invite all hospitals, medical suppliers and pharmaceutical suppliers to contact us for more information about Electronic Data Interchange, eProcurement, Digitalisation and eHealth.