National Hospital Indonesia signs Head of Agreement with PNORS

19 March 2018 by
Paul Gallo

On March 5th, 2018, in Surabaya, East Java at the Honda headquarters, National Hospital, and the PNORS Technology Group signed a Heads of Agreement (HoA) The objective of this Agreement is to create formal dialogue to explore a business alignment between both companies.

With the cumulative interest of digital procurement technology in the Indonesian market, Dr Hans (CEO) and, Mr. Hoey (Co-Owner) are eager to position National Hospital as the thought leader in best practice with the implementation of an automated eProcurement model.

A potential outcome from this relationship is the implementation of the PNORS healthcare EDI/eProcurement solution, the Indonesian Health Exchange (IHE).

About National Hospital

National Hospital is an Indonesia-wide health service committed to providing the best possible patient service.

National Hospital is a 300 bed private hospital co-owned by a subsidiary of PT Intiland and a family owned business investing in the Honda distributor franchises in Eastern Indonesia and other properties, including other hospitals.

It is driven by providing patients with advanced technology and eco-friendly buildings. They intend to ‘always put the needs and comfort of patients first’ and their mission is to provide comprehensive health care with a patient-centred service.

What is the Indonesian Health Exchange (IHE)?

The Indonesian Healthcare Exchange (IHE) is an initiative undertaken by the PNORS Technology Group in collaboration with Indonesian Non-Ministerial Government Institution, the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) to provide Indonesian healthcare providers with world’s best practice international standards of eTrading, eProcurement and data consistency.

The IHE provides electronic trading solutions to end users ensuring that they assist with the elimination of expired and counterfeit drugs.

This initiative commenced with the intention of assisting the Indonesian Government in achieving their goal of granting all citizens universal healthcare by 2019.

Next steps

The PNORS Technology Group have invited National Hospitals to join us in Sydney and Melbourne in late March. From there, PNORS will scope National Hospital’s needs to determine the best fit for their business model going forward.