Media statement by PNORS Technology Group

5 November 2022 by
Media statement by PNORS Technology Group
PNORS Technology Group

PNORS Technology Group detected a cyber attack impacting two of its businesses – Datatime and Netway – on 3 November.

The company immediately activated an incident response which included notifying effected clients, engaging external cyber security experts to assist in dealing with the issue. Furthermore, we notified the relevant state and federal authorities, including the Australian Cyber Security Centre, Federal Police, the Victorian and Federal Government’s cyber experts.

The impacted PNORS Technology Group businesses deal with document and data capture, digital conversion and managed IT support for a number of external clients, including government departments.

Initial investigations by cyber security experts indicated this incident was limited to systems being encrypted and locked. However, overnight the criminals behind the cyber attack released to the company in a private communication a sample of what is believed to be stolen data.

PNORS followed strict privacy protocols and notified the Office of Australian Information Commissioner to disclose the data breach.

The extent of the data breach is still being investigated and we are working closely with all authorities to assess how many of our clients have been impacted and the nature of the data that has been stolen.

When we were informed about the cyber attack we immediately shut down and isolated all our internal systems and took further measures to secure our network and data, along with pausing all data processing.

We will be monitoring this ongoing incident 24/7, and will provide an update as soon as we have further information.

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